Qurbani orders 2016

We are an organisation who take qurbani orders and arrange for this to take place in Bangladesh.

Our priority is to distribute the qurbani meat to the poor, we provide a service were we will be personally taking your qurbani meat to the needy and orphanages.

We have only started this organisation in 2015 and 2016 will be our first qurbani orders.

We are not here to provide you a cheap service,we are here to provide you an honest and better service making sure the qurbani meat is truly distributed to the poor which we will InshaAllah provide poof of.

Another service we provide which we have already started is buying and selling cow’s.

This service is more beneficial for people in Bangladesh as they have an option to buy a cow from our online website and have the cow delivered to their relatives in Bangladesh.

However anyone can buy a cow from us online and have us to distribute it for you to the poor or an orphanage.

Our main aim is to distribute to orphans who rarely get to eat meat.